Use & Care
Refer to manufacturer's recommendations for additional information on the care of all floor covering products. Color selection sheets provide a record of the brand, style, and color of floor coverings in your home. Please retain this information for future reference.

Vacuuming high traffic areas daily will not only keep them clean but will help to maintain the upright position of the nap. Spills should be wiped up and stains spot cleaned immediately. Always dab at the stain, never rub it. Stain removers should be tested first on an out of the way area of the carpet, such as in a closet, to check for any undesirable effects. Professional cleaning should be performed as needed.

Limited Warranty
Carpet seams will be visible. No gap or fraying is acceptable, however. Edges of carpet along moldings and edges of stairs should be held firmly in place. In some areas, metal or other edging material may be used where carpet meets another floor covering.

Stains or spots noted on the orientation list will be corrected by cleaning, patching, or replacement. Embassy Homes will not be responsible for dye lot variations if replacements are made.