Use & Care
Always use a cutting board when cutting, chopping, etc. Protect the counter from heat and extremely hot pans: if you cannot put your hand on it, do not put it on the counter.

Avoid abrasive cleaners that will damage the luster of the surface.

The caulking around the edge of your countertops and between the countertops and the sink may shrink, leaving a slight gap. Refer to "Caulking" for maintenance hints for this condition.

Cosmetic Damage
Any major surface imperfections--chips, cracks, scratches, etc.--reported on the orientation list will be repaired by Embassy Homes. Repairs of any damages not on the orientation list will be the Homeowner's responsibility.

Laminated countertops typically will have one or more discernible seams. There should be no gap at the seams.

Man-made Marble & Corian
Man-made marble and Corian countertops should be installed without chips or gouges.

Limited Warranty
Separations of countertops at walls and the backsplash are the result of normal shrinkage of materials. Separation at the wall or at the counter in excess of 1/16" will be repaired by caulking and subsequently will be a Homeowner responsibility.