Embassy Shares 6 Design Tips For a Fashion Forward-Bedroom

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If you’re like me, then the bedroom is the one room in the house that’s in need of some TLC.  No matter how hard I try, it seems that creating a bedroom design that is both stylish and functional is nearly impossible. Luckily, High Fashion Home designer, Dolley Frearson, understands this struggle and has graciously shared 6 of her priceless design tips with us. So if you’re tired of your blah bedroom or simply need a little design inspiration, check out Dolley’s gorgeous bedroom transformation below and read on to learn her tricks of the trade.

The bedroom BEFORE was drab and unsightly…

Image Courtesy of High Fashion Home

The bedroom AFTER is chic and inviting.

Image Courtesy of High Fashion Home


How Dolley Achieved This Look:

1. Buy the Right Size Bed

If you’re open to a king or queen size, the decision can be based on a few things: the size of the bedroom, the width of the wall the bed is located and where the windows are located.

In the room above there are two windows that would have landed in an awkward location with a queen bed. With this Amelia tall king bed, we were able to align the chests and drapes with the nightstands and create a nice frame around the bed. For your project, measure the space and use blue tape on the floor to help visualize the final product.

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2. Don’t Go Overboard With Pillows

While decorative pillows bring in more patterns and textures to your space, it is necessary to find the right balance. If you’re a minimalist, opt for 1 large bolster pillow. But if you love pillows, choose 3-5 and layer them correctly. In this bedroom, there is a nice balance because there’s not too much going on, but just enough to fill the large king-size bed.

Image Courtesy of High Fashion Home

3. Choose Dual-Purpose Pieces

If you’ve got a large space and need to fill a nook, choose pieces that you can use for a variety of purposes. In this bedroom, an eglomise vanity doubles as a functional desk with built-in outlets for phones, tablets, hair dryers, etc.

Image Courtesy of High Fashion Home

4. Add a Bench

A stylish bench at the end of the bed adds interest and function to this room. It’s a great place to sit down to get dressed or put extra pillows at night. Adding a bench to your space also allows you to layer more styles, shapes and patterns for extra depth. For this look, Dolley used HFH’s Augusta Bench in silver.

5. Choose the Right Size Nightstand/Chest

You don’t want it to be too tall when compared to your mattress height. There is no hard and fast rule but the scale shouldn’t be too far off. Some like the same exact height and some like them a bit taller so that you don’t knock off the items on your chest in the middle of the night! You also need to consider how much storage you need to add to your space.

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Image Courtesy of High Fashion Home

6. Large Floor Mirrors Make a Room Appear Larger

This bedroom didn’t have a large enough closet to house a floor mirror so we propped it on one of the smaller walls in the bedroom. A floor mirror is chic, functional and makes great use of your space/walls.

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