Embassy Shares How To Age Wood

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Aged Wood, in No Time at All

Get the time-worn board look without the wait



wall covered in rustic looking planks, how to get aged wood look
Photo: Jake Curtis/Living Etc/IPC+ Syndication
  • Quick Rustic Appeal




    Nothing matches the look and feel of vintage boards, but if your house didn't come with an old barn filled with timeworn planks, don't despair. Here are three ways to get the look of salvaged wood using lumber milled in this century.


rough-sawn board, how to get aged wood look

  • Shop Old-School Stock




    Most boards at home centers are S4S, or surface-planed smooth on all four sides. Head to your local lumberyard and ask for rough-sawn boards, which have uneven surfaces and come in true dimensional measurements—24s are actually 2 inches thick—just like framing lumber from the 1800s.


aged look by hitting boards with hammer, how to get aged wood look

  • Distress It




    Simulate wear and tear by whacking boards with a hammer, driving in and pulling out nails, or tapping the sides of fasteners against planks to leave marks where natural wear patterns would occur. Finish wood with stain, then touch up indents with black stain to simulate the look of oxidation.


finish to fake aged look, how to get aged wood look

  • Try a DIY Stain




    Some finishes can fake decades of wear in a matter of minutes. Here, we mixed ¼ cup of rusty nails with¾ cup of vinegar and let steep for 24 hours. When applied, the solution reacts quickly with the natural tannins in the wood grain (we used oak), mimicking the weathering that occurs over many years.


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