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17 ways to use a long box as a centerpiece

For the past year and a half,  I have been using a long wooden box we made from reclaimed and pallet wood on my dining table. My most popular pin on pinterest is the first post I did with the box, so I thought I would do one post showing different ways to use it in every season. 

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Using old vinegar bottles with cedar branches is a great way in winter to use something green from outside that doesn't say "Christmas."
Birch logs holding votives and Forsythia in the vinegar bottles usher in Spring.
For Easter, I traded the Forsythia for lilacs in Mason jars.
For summer I bought four large jar candles then added fern fronds to the Mason jars.
Rhododendron replace the ferns later in the season...
My mom let me have a few of my grandmother's peonies.
These stargazer lilies are from my grandmother's garden.
Cone flowers gave this table a modern twist.
Drying hydrangeas make a gorgeous transition into Fall.
I added blue Ball jars, fruit, and gourds for a Fall look.
Thanksgiving was all about white pumpkins, squash and gourds.
For the first Thanksgiving after I made the box, I used pumpkins, pine cones, berries, candles and cedar. I used florist foam to attach everything including the candles, which I pushed down into the foam.
For Christmas, I added fruit, pinecones and greenery. 
Berries, pine cones and candles nestle in the greenery for this Christmas look. 
This year, as my colors had transitioned to blue and pink, I added Shiny Brite ornaments and pine cones to the large jar candles. I put the greenery in small vases so I can keep them filled with water. 
As you can see, it really is a versatile centerpiece. We make smaller versions for my etsy shop, and I think they are easier to use because you don't need so much to fill them up. Kind of thinking I need a smaller one for myself! 
There are so many options for this kind of centerpiece and they work great with a low-hanging chandelier without competing, like the one we have now. 
You can see the post about making the box HERE.
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