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Stuck on You Magnet Valentines

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Abby Larson, founder of StyleMePrettyLiving.com, has set our hearts aflutter with her simple, fresh ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts. From creative cards, to a heartfelt celebration, we’re giving you all the ideas you need to step up your DIY game this month. Tune in each Friday for a new post from Abby.

Photo: Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Photo: Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Once you have the supplies on hand for these little gems, you can make customized magnets for next to nothing. We loved the idea of using Valentine Artwork – like kisses, x’s and o’s and hearts – to create a fun, totally unexpected gift for friends.

$2 Large glass gems (1 ¼”)
$5.49 Magnets with adhesive backing
$4.86 Mod podge
$0.77 Foam brush
$9.88 4 sets of 6 white boxes
$2.99 Baker’s twine
$3.99 Mixed paper crinkle shred
$4.93 White cardstock
White copy paper
Hole punch
Magnet templates
Stuck on you tags

Cost for 20 valentines (not including tools): $34.91
Cost per valentine: $1.75

Step 1: Download the magnet templates and print on white copy paper. Cut out each magnet along the gray lines.
Step 2: Brush a light coat of Mod Podge on the flat side of each glass gem. Press a magnet picture (face down) on each gem and let dry 30 minutes.
Step 3: Peel the adhesive backing off the magnets and press a magnet onto each glass gem.
Step 4: Fill each box halfway with crinkle paper and add 2 magnets. Place the lid on and wrap the box with baker’s twine.
Step 5: Download the “Stuck On You” tags and print on white cardstock. Cut out each tag along the gray lines and punch a hole in the tag. Tie a tag onto each box.


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