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How to Make an Artificial Boxwood Wreath

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So a few days ago I shared my exciting news with you!

I’ve opened an Etsy shop that is all about wreaths.

I showed you a few that I had made and had put in the shop and I told you that I would still be showing you how to make some…and I asked you to tell me which one you wanted to learn how to make first.

And the clear winner was the boxwood wreath.

So today, I’m going to show you How to Make an Artificial Boxwood Wreath!

How To Make an Artificial Boxwood Wreath | DaisyMaeBelle | www.DaisyMaeBelle.com


supplies for making a boxwood wreath


grapevine wreath


wire cutters


one bush of flowy greenery

{I got this from Hobby Lobby}

artificial boxwood

one artificial boxwood bush

{also from Hobby Lobby}

step 1

Clip each stem of greenery off of the stem.

Begin inserting the ends into the wreath.

step 2

Use tiny pieces of wire to secure the greenery to the wreath.

I also hot glue the ends down.

step 4

Continue adding the greenery until the wreath is covered.

step 3

Cut each stem from the boxwood bush.

Push all of the leaves to the top of the stem.

step 5

Hot glue the stems into the wreath.

boxwood wreath

Continue adding them until the wreath is full!

I actually used 2 bushes on this one.

Boxwood Wreaths | DaisyMaeBelle | www.DaisyMaeBelle.com

And there is the finished wreath!

And if you like this one, you can buy it in my Etsy shop.

Or you can have the joy of making your own!

And you’re not going to believe this?! I’ve now sold 2 wreaths out of my shop…and it has thrilled my soul!  It’s a bit intimidating. Putting yourself out there like that. Wondering if anyone is going to like anything that you make. And to find out that people actually do like it…well, it’s just nice.

Thanks to so many of you who have said such kind things! Your words mean more than you know. Truly.

And if you missed the Spring Mantel Tour that I was hosting this week,

check out the full schedule HERE!

Total Spring inspiration!

Life to the full!