Embassy's 10 Perfect Bathroom Hues


10 Perfect Hues for Tiny Bathrooms That Aren't White

Spice up your small loo with bold hues.


It’s no secret that white is a classic choice for your small bathroom. But sometimes, white just feels a little “been there, done that.” For those of you jonesing to add some color to your small bathroom but not sure where to start, here are 10 perfect hues. (And spoiler alert: none of them are white.)


Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

It’s hard to not feel happy when you walk into a bright-yellow space. These bold stripes, dreamed up by Ghislaine Vinas Interior Design, work perfectly in this tiny bathroom. Because the color is so bright, using it in a small space keeps it feeling a bit more refined and purposeful. Using stripes instead of a solid color, also helps to balance out the overall impact.


A dark and moody bathroom like this one from designer Brian Patrick Flynn, can bring glamour and style to your small space. It’s always a great idea to mix the black with some white details. You’ll also notice that your colorful artwork will truly pop against the black backdrop.


Coral is sometimes a tough color to execute, but again, Brian Patrick Flynn nails it with this tiny, art-filled bathroom. While the color is on the brighter side, it manages to not feel overwhelming because of the space's small footprint. It also works great with the variety of colorful, quirky artwork.


Erika Bierman

If you’re not quite ready to go all in with black, consider another medium-dark color like this rich plum. Jackson Paige Interiors creates a chic, stylish space by using this jewel-toned color in a more traditional bathroom. Pairing the plum with a black and white palette also manages to soften it quite a bit.