5 Ways to Declutter Your Home Office


Whether your new home office is used for remote work, managing the household, or both, research shows that keeping it organized can help you get more accomplished with less stress. These simple decluttering steps can help make your home office a top performer.

Built-in shelves and storage space make it easy to organize this home office at Altis in Beaumont, California.


Invest in a paper shredder.
In this day of all things digital, there’s little reason to keep paper copies of everything. Invest in a paper shredder and keep a recycling basket nearby. Scan important documents (like tax returns and contracts), then shred them. Shred anything with personally identifiable information, and otherwise put nonessential mail in the recycle basket. Set up online bill pay and digital statements to decrease the volume of incoming paper into your new home. You’ll not only have less clutter, but also reduce your carbon footprint.

Create a functional filing system.
Supplement your digital filing system with a well-organized desk filing system. You might organize household bills by month, by vendor or by category (utilities, insurance, cars or children’s activities, for instance). Consider using color-coded file folders. And who doesn’t love a label maker? You can even add labels to bins, tubs and shelves.

This elegant study stays organized and decluttered thanks to built-in storage cabinets.

Set up work stations.
Work stations keep supplies handy and organized. Ideas? Set up a mail center with bins, baskets or trays for envelopes and stamps. Create a printing work station using a pull-out printer shelf and trays for paper and ink. Get creative in choosing containers to wrangle your supplies. Silicon baking cups can serve double-duty for holding paper clips and rubber bands. Upcycle a hanging closet organizer with pockets to store desk supplies. Wall-mounted magnetic knife strips are great for getting scissors, binder clips, rulers and other metal items off your desk.

Use three-ring binders.
Three-ring binders with acrylic sleeves are ideal for keeping user manuals for new appliances and other items in one place. They also are a handy place for storing insurance policies, family medical records and automobile repair records.

Shelves and cabinets help declutter this home office in Capri, a Pardee Homes neighborhood located in Henderson, Nevada.


Make the most of wall space.
Don’t forget to think vertical. Use a coat rack mounted above your desk, or wall pockets on the sides of furniture for bulky items like headphones, cables and cords, and other tech you don’t want cluttering your desk. Customize a pegboard with wire baskets and cup holders for supplies. Hang a cup of push pins on a cork board to quickly post notes and photos. Use your imagination!