The spring season is finally here, and what better way to celebrate its arrival than hosting a picnic in the great outdoors? The warmth of the sun mixed with a cool breeze, and the ethereal beauty of nature makes for a perfect day to spend outside with family and friends, or even a solo self-care date! Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun in one of Embassy Homes gorgeous backyard areas or one of the surrounding parks, creating the perfect picnic is the key to a day well spent. Check out our best tips to make your outdoor adventure a magical experience.
Ace Your Aesthetic
We love the magic of color coordination. By incorporating a specific color aesthetic into your picnic plans, you can create any mood you like! Colors tend to represent different meanings. For example, pink is a symbol for love, green represents growth and prosperity, and yellow is synonymous with happiness. Whether you’re hanging with close friends or a loved one, basing your aesthetic around a particular color selection can add a personal feel to your picnic. Using coordinated colors to connect the look of your napkins, blankets, sandwich wraps, utensils, and anything else you bring to your outing is a great way to make your picnic a picture perfect affair.
Fancy Finger Food Makes Everything Fun
Of all the different elements that go into making the perfect picnic, food is actually the simplest part to plan. When planning your menu, be sure to keep in mind that the easier something is to pack, the better. Fruit platters, finger sandwiches, and pastries are light and tasty, and easy to transport, making them excellent go-to picnic staples. If you want to make things a little fancier, try crafting your own charcuterie board.
Laugh, Craft, and Create Fun That Lasts
Even the most wonderful conversations eventually fizzle out. Having an activity planned for the entertainment of your picnic guests is always a good idea. Do you and your pals like to paint or read? Set up personal display easels and channel your inner Picasso, or select a book of short stories to read together throughout the event. If you’re planning to be a little more active, a game of frisbee or ring toss can keep the energy light and fun.

Locate Your Outdoor Oasis 
Picking the perfect spot for your picnic is important. Be sure to consider whether you want to soak up the sun or relax in the shade, before staking your claim on an area. It’s also good to note how far you are willing to tote your picnic supplies. To keep your picnic from becoming a chore, condense your supplies as much as you can.