Three Ideas to Make Back to School Smooth

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place
A variety of Embassy home plans gives you options when you’re thinking about organization.  Whether it’s mudroom hall trees or a series of hooks and baskets, make sure that each member of your family has one central location for their bags, books, coats, karate gis, soccer cleats, and all the rest of their weekly gear. No more “go check your room again” battles! You can focus on the parts of getting back to school that really matter — like what to wear on picture day.

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Eat together
Sitting down to a meal with your family has multiple proven benefits. The Embassy Homes difference includes providing the perfect place for eating together, either with takeout pizza at the kitchen counter, cold sandwiches on the patio, or a child-parent-collaboration at the dining table. Talking through those back-to-school joys and concerns sets a foundation for healthy communication and a smoother school year all around.

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Bedtime routine
Even a teenager who stays up ‘til midnight completing homework (or watching YouTube) needs to follow a bedtime routine for maximum sleep benefits. In turn, a good night’s sleep means an easier out-the-door dance as everyone heads to work and school. Print a “to do before bed” list and require children of any age to mark off each step. You can clip this to a mirror, whiteboard, or just on the fridge. For your peace of mind and theirs, be sure to end each night by telling your child you love them.

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Back-to-school doesn’t have to be back-to-stress, as long as you have a little organization and a lot of love. What are your tips to ease the transition from summer sun to classroom adventures? Don’t forget, you can always chat with the Embassy team about mudrooms, kitchen plans, and available neighborhoods in the Metro Birmingham area.